Hackeria em Ribeirão Preto: Mapas

( Originalmente publicado em http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Fabricio%20Zuardi/diary/16515 )

The hacker bus trip to Ribeirão Preto was awesome! And I think I need to do a follow up on my previous entry regarding how the mapping parties went now that the contributions are online and I am back at São Carlos…


We stayed in Ribeirão Preto for 3 days, and visited 3 different neighborhoods one each day: Branca Salles, Quintino Faci and Campos Elíseos, but the mapping efforts happened only on the latest 2, on the first day the bus arrived late and there was no time for me to kickstart the workshop.

Anyways, both Thursday and Friday we met a bunch of students (12-14 years old) and the bus crew split them into different activities during the afternoons. For the mapping effort we gathered 8 students on each day.

We began the workshop explaining to them what OSM is and why should they care to build their own neighborhood map. Then we putted on paper the names of all the nearby street that they knew, and also the ones they didnt knew so we could later go there and find out.

Mapa do Reinaldo depois do passeio.

After that we borrowed used cameraphones and cameras for the ones that didnt had one and formed two teams of 4 so we could go out on the streets and start taking pictures of street name signs, corners, bus stops, public telephones and other points of interest. Each team left with one GPS logger as well.


At the end of each session we copied all photos to a machine with JOSM and quick showed the trace with the auto-guess pictures in them.

Look at my watch

Our time was short, so unfortunately we couldnt show deeply how to trace the actual streets and upload to OSM, but we got their emails in order to send them the assembled map once it got online afterwards.

Also, I’ve recorded a screencast demo’ing my JOSM workflow for photomapping.

Here is the map of the first day/neighborhood:



And here is the map of the second one:



For more pictures visit my album on flickr or Julio Boaro’s album on Google+


Published:21 de março de 2012


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